_MG_6519 Head for testOff the Hudson in Tribeca and down Harrison Street, sits an odd sight in Manhattan, a row of brick federal town houses. On the face of one, is a bronze plaque inscribed with a description of the original Dutch farm, and later the Harrison Brewery, that stood where these houses now sit. It also tells that the row of homes were saved from the wrecking ball of modernization and relocated from deep in the financial district to their current location. Below the plaque and through the windows is the birth place of HOUSE, a digital post-production company that is named after a building that represents the aesthetic and metaphor of old time craft and care yet thrives in a contemporary world. HOUSE is modern, yet believes strongly in the old fashion values of customer service, personal attention, quality, and business conducted with integrity. Our birth place, that little brick house, is in perfect contrast to the towers of steel and glass that surround us just as we take pride in our contrast to the sterile, impersonal and rushed world of digital post-production.